How do I become a Brother?

  • Consistently attend our recruitment events

  • Schedule an interview

  • Receive a bid

  • Participate in our professional Education Process that has been evaluated and structured by our organization 

Are there any academic requirements?

  • Be a student at Shippensburg University


  • Be willing to expand yourself and those around you

What does the professional education process consist of?

  • This involves getting educated on professional development

  • Cover Letter / Resume

  • Proper Etiquette 

  • Time management

  • Realizing your professional potential  

  • The process is equivalent to a lenient 2-3 credit course

How do I sign up for an interview?

  • Approach any brother at any of our recruitment events, they will assist you in scheduling an interview​​

  • If you are unable to make any of our recruitment events and are still interested in interviewing, please reach out to our recruitment team via email 

More Questions? Email us!