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To provide all Brothers with practical experience and education

outside the classroom while simultaneously serving John L.

Grove College of Business, Shippensburg University, and the

surrounding community.


Alpha Kappa Psi was founded in 1904 at New York University. Its original founding founders were known as the ‘Brooklyn Four.’ Since official incorporation in 1905, Alpha Kappa Psi has spread to four countries. Shippensburg University's Xi Tau chapter has shaped the Grove College of Business and the local community since 1994 - our current chapter now holds 53 brothers. We pride ourselves in providing networking events and attending professional workshops to instill business etiquette skills. Today we still hold the same spirit and aspirations as our founding fathers did in 1904. By holding ourselves to the highest standards possible, it ensures the highest amount of professional development not just individually, but to the brotherhood as a whole.



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We are heavily recognized as one of the few professional organizations and have great relationships with the professors in the Grove College of Business. Our goal is to serve as an outlet to host events that broaden perspectives and show how beneficial the organization is for the real world. Our resources are also available during career fairs for those who want to get to know us.

Since service is one of our fraternity values, we make it a priority to benefit the community. Many philanthropy opportunities are held throughout the year to ensure we become more well rounded individuals. In the past we have volunteered to wash local fire trucks, donate food, and make cards for nursing homes. These are just a few examples of how we also give back.

Another one of our fraternity values is brotherhood. It is crucial to know the brothers well to ensure the fraternity can thrive and work together as a whole. You'll often see brothers together on campus for a quick snack or lunch. We also host game nights, BBQ’s, and casual get-togethers.


We prepare brothers for the business world by attending events in which we invite back Alumni or other business professionals, and through attending conferences For example, many brothers attend the Principled Business Leadership Institute (PBLI) conference every spring. This unique opportunity allows you to attend business related exhibits to help further professional knowledge. We believe it is crucial to be properly educated in the business world before embarking on their future endeavors. We aim to make sure that after those who graduate and become alumni, they will always be able to look back on all the great knowledge they've attained through being associated with this organization.

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